HDPE pipe

November 12, 2018

From the molecular structure (C2H4) point of view, the molecular structure of PE is the simplest polymer, In the development of PE pipe, it continuous to overcome shortcomings, PE pipe butt fusion welding, requires a certain operating space and skilled operation technology. Later, an electrofusion welding machine was invented, that is, two pipe sections or pipe fittings were connected by an electrothermal welding sleeve. This connection method was used for connecting PE pipes in the pipe trench, or in places with narrow construction space. PE pipe material performance is also improving, from PE63, PE80 to PE100, and will develop to PE115 in the future. PE100 refers to under 200 ° C, the grades of PE material in 50 years later, can keep the minimum strength 10 mpa (MRS). PE80 is 8.0 Mpa. With the improvement of PE material grade, the wall thickness of the same pipe using PE115 is lower than that of the pipe using PE100. On the premise of meeting the requirements, the wall thickness of PE pipe becomes thinner, which reduces the amount of PE material, reduces the cost, and is conducive to the application of PE pipe in large-diameter pipe.

The connection of PE pipes needs heating and a certain cooling time. Each welding takes about 20 minutes. The larger the diameter of the pipe, the longer the heating and cooling time, so the PE pipe installation period is relatively extended.



1. Long service life. Minimum life of 50 years under normal conditions.
2. Good sanitation, no scaling, no breeding of bacteria, solving the secondary pollution of drinking water, accordance with ISO Standards.
3. Corrosion resistance to a variety of chemical media, no electrochemical corrosion.
4. The inner wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is very low, and the passing ability of the medium is improved correspondingly and has excellent wear resistance.
5. Good flexibility, high impact resistance, strong earthquake resistance.
6. Unique butt fusion welding and butt fusion socket technology make the interface strength higher than the pipe body, ensuring the safety and reliability of the interface.
7. Simple welding process, convenient construction and low project cost.
8. Light weight, convenient transportation and installation.



Urban water supply: PE pipe has the comprehensive advantages of safety, sanitation and easy construction, has become the ideal pipe for urban water supply.


Natural gas and gas transmission pipelines:
Due to a series of advantages such as reliable connection, stable performance, easy construction and corrosion resistance, PE pipeline has become the only choice for medium and low pressure natural gas transmission pipelines.


Food chemical industry:
PE pipe has unique chemical corrosion resistance, can be used for kinds of acid, alkali and salt solution transport or discharge, long service life, low cost and maintenance costs.


Ore and mud transport:
PE pipe wear resistance is four times than steel pipe, can be widely used in conveying ore, power plant fly ash, river dredging mud, etc.


Replacement cement pipe, cast iron pipe and steel pipe:
For the city's original laid cement pipe, cast iron pipe, such as the old pipe transformation, can not go through a large area of excavation, PE pipe can directly inserted into old pipe replacement, low project cost, short construction time, especially suitable for the old city pipe replacement.


Landscaping pipe network:
Landscaping needs a large number of water pipeline, PE pipeline cost is low, it is worth vigorously promoting.


Other applications:
PE pipe can also be widely used in other fields, such as power, cable protection, irrigation, siphon drainage, landfill, geothermal air conditioning, deep sea aquaculture, buried fire pipe and so on.